Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Mostly people prefer to eat different foods on one time for their taste. Is it good for your health ? Some foods we can eat in combination, but others would harmful for our health and wellness. People who's digestive system is strong, they can eat everything. But people with average digestive system need to take care about their food. Because wrong food combinations formed acidity, vomitting and other stomach problems.

Avoid wrong food combinations

Do not take two protein rich food together. Therefore, egg and meat should not taken together. Some people take cheese and meat together, both are high protein foods avoid doing that if your stomach does not accepted.

Some people with deligate digestive system find it hard to digest milk with banana, so in that cast you could add little nutmeg and cinnamon powder to make it more pettable.

Yoghurt with fruits and pasta with tomatoes should be avoided. Another one is beans with cheese again high protein and some people could not take together. Furthermore, curd should not be comsumed in the night.

Do not eat fruits along with the meals. The best time to eat fruits is on an empty stomach in morning, or as a snack between breakfast and lunch. This will ensure that all vitamins and minerals present in the food are fully absorbed.

Milk should not be combined with other foods. Avoid combination of milk with cheese, curd and always use warm water after a meal.

Do not drink water with meals as it dilutes the enzymes in the mouth and digestive tracks leading to in incomplete digestion and absorption of food.

Avoid eating spinach and cheese together as the oxalate from spinach combines with the calcium from cheese inhibiting calcium absorption from the gut.

Do not drink tea or coffee with meals as the tannins present in both the tea and coffee inhibit the absorption of iron from the food.

Eating the right combinations

Lemon juice is a good source of vitamin-c and should be taken with iron rich foods such as spinach, chia seeds, soyabeans, quinoa, lentils and oatmeal. Sulphur rich foods like garlic and onion should always be added while cooking chicken, mutton because sulphur helps in the absorption of zinc and iron present in these foods.

Soaking and sprouting

Soaking and sprouting of cereals and pulses increases their vitamin-c and b complex content and bioavailability.

Eat probiotic and prebiotic foods

To keep your gut healthy you need to maintain a healthy micro flora on your gut. Add the following foods in your diet which help to increase the healthy bacteria in your gut. These are prebiotic foods like banana, pineapple, garlic, flax seed, cucumber and onion. Probiotic foods like curd and yoghurt should also be added.

Health and wellness is something which we all desire. Most people look for an easy way to attain it. The internet is flooded with information regarding the extra ordinary role of some vitamins and minerals is achieving health and wellness. 

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