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Er Dhillon Rajan

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Friday, 15 September 2017


Jogging plays very beneficial role for our health. It provide less stress on our body, but it is a  best technique to stay fit. Atleast 30 daily jogging can provide good results to your body . It is a form of aerobic endurance training. Jogging is a very simple exercise for all people and every aged person can do it very easily.
Where we can do jogging ?
We can do jogging anywhere, but your surrounding should be clean and green. You can listen music during jogging. If our environment is good where we are doing jogging , then we can take good results by it. People can do jogging in garden , home lawn and near to river bank.
Jogging benefits.
Jogging provide warmth experience to our body. Therefore, sportsperson do this before their regular exercise . It is important for our body and we can protect our body from muscle pull and other injuries during exercise.
Newest fitbit
It is a newest fitbit for today's  world. Jogging is effective in increasing human lifespan and decreasing the effects of aging. It is very useful for fighting obesity and staying healthy. Jogging and other aerobic exercises an reduce the risk of lung, breast and prostate cancers, among others. People who do jogging atleast five day a week can protect yourself to cancer.

Fast weight loss

If you want to weight loss then give preference to cycling and brisk walk. Both help to improve your health and fitness. There is not need of any gym and other workout equipment. We can improve metabolism with cycling and walking , if our metabolism is good then we loss their weight. If you are body is weak , then avoid brisk walk and cycling.
Why health is important ?
Health is important  because we feel good and stay away from diseases, health is essential part of our life and all part works well in a healthy body. Health increase life expectancy.
How we can become fit ?
Adopt habit of daily exercise.
Do walk after dinner .
Avoid toxic products and join fitness program.
Do aerobic and participate in yoga classes.
Drink more water and sweat out more on exercise time.
Go to gym and other fitness centre.
How exercise work on our body ?
Exercise improve blood circulation and remove body waste with sweat.
Our immune system improve and it helps to fight with diseases. Our skin glow and shine after exercise. Moreover, bones and muscles become strong and flexible.
Where I can do exercise?
People can do exercise in fresh air and best time for exercise is early moring time. Our body relax and we can get fresh air during morning time. People can do exercise in parks , gardens, home lawn and any place which provide you better environment . Do'nt do exercise in small room.
What I can eat ?
We can eat green vegetables and fruits.
Keep away from junk and fast food.
Eat less oily food.
Give preference to organic food.
Add nutritional food in your diet.
Add pulses for protein in your diet.
Walk atleast 1000 steps after dinner.
Don't sleep immediately after dinner.

How to reduce bally fat ?
Therefore, many fitness program include yoga and gym equipments available in market . You can reduce your balky fat to use them. Moreover , drink lemon water and green tea both increase our metabolism atleast by 30%.

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