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Heart diseases can actually happen in many ways, but we basically believe that after stroke, there is any obstruction to the arteries carrying the blood and bringing the blood, then the heart attacks and the person suffers There are many types of heart diseases that can have different side effects and the effects of which can be different, and it is not like that it happens that we have any kind of heart Our daily routine and daily life are very big in our diseases. Our catering habits affect our health most, so let's know about some heart diseases and some other things that you should keep in mind -

Know About Heart Diseases
In fact, I have included our daily routine because as per the health problems which are related to the heart, our catering is the most basic reason and eating habits are not only due to not having a health problem related to stomach. But then the problems like obesity, high BP surround us, and because of the importance of work in our life and that dependency has increased so much that we give health very little priority than that. The find is due to join the stress these are some factors that work |

There are many types of heart problems and there are more than 60 types according to the medical world but some of the general ones you should know about are low -

ARTERY DISEASE - Supplier to the heart, which means that when blood vessels carrying blood to the heart become less efficient or for some reason they are damaged then their capacity decreases and It is not right for heart health.
Heart diseases


CONGENITAL DISEASE / BY BIRTH HEART PROBLEM - If there is a problem in the heart since birth and there is some flaw in its texture then such a heart disease is said to be congenital, it can be practiced as well as desirable by the nature of the disease. There is no cure for that. The patient may have to depend on medical remedies for a long time or for a lifetime.

ANJENA PECTORIS / ANJINA PECTORIS - It is based on a kind of symptom and this condition is formed when the heart is in trouble because of the fact that it is not being supplied with blood only, then pain, stiffness and prick in chest It starts to feel.

CARDIOMYOPATHY - The weakening of the blood pumping muscles actually happens when the capacity of our blood vessels decreases and heart function has a complete discrepancy on it and gradually adversely affects its functioning.

ISKEMIC HEART DISEASE - If there is any problem in the blood vessels, if the heart does not supply the blood properly, then it can cause stroke or some other problem, it can be caused by ischemic heart disease. Can be placed in the category.

MYOCARDIL INFECTION / MYOCARDIUM/ MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION - When blood vessels contract for some reason due to which the supply of blood is obstructed and hence also causes stroke and this is called myocardilal infection.

INFLAMMATION IN THE HEART/ HEART LUMPINESS - Because of the viral infection, the heart tissue which is damaged becomes due to which the effect of the heart reduction system and it can also be fatal.

ATRIAL FIBRILLATION - The heartbeat and fracture due to the rapid impetus in the heart, due to which the condition is formed.

HEART FAILURE - For any reason when the ability of the heart decreases and the heart is not able to pump the blood properly, then it also does not help with the supply of blood, due to which the heart stops working. And it is called heart failure.

There are also many other heart diseases that can be talked about and it has normal symptoms, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, swelling in the feet and fatigue, and fatigue is caused by any reason that If the function of the heart becomes weak, then the supply of blood is not right in the body due to which fatigue is due to us and in this you can avail some things and if smoking is done then If you have problems with obesity and blood pressure, then you do not take it lightly. Many types of small diseases are harm to your body, and a group of diseases can ruin your body by causing a major illness Can invite you.

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