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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Health benefits of Basil

Basil is a holy plant. In India, it keep great importance in terms of religious and health. People can drink basil tea as a tonic which reduce the risk of several diseases. It’s leaves and roots are more beneficial for our health.

Due to having carbohydrate, vitamins, sodium, calcium, fiber, it gives good nutrition to your body. It increases energy level in your body. Weight loss at home with their Breakfast

Basil heath Benefits are below :

Prevents Cancer
If you take basil leaves daily, then it can prevents you from cancer and other terrible diseases. So, grow basil at home and chew it’s green leaves daily. Especially it prevents against women breast cancer and mouth cancer. It will be helpful to damage cancer cells.
Fresh basil leaves contain many minerals which helps to reduce weight. Eat basil leaves with curd and as a salad to overcome obesity.

Heart diseases
It reduce cholesterol level in our blood and increase heart health. Regularly intake of basil can reduce the risk of heart attack.

If you want to maintain your blood pressure, then take basil leaves and dissolve in water. Drink this water daily morning time.

Overcome stress 
Basil rich in antioxidants and provide oxygen whole day. It’s nutrients help to overcome stress and give energy to our body. So, start your day with basil water and walk near to the basil plants.

Other benefits of basil herb
  1. Relief in headache
  2. Prevents Migraine - Boil basil leaves in lukewarm water, Drink this water for relief in migraine pain.
  3. Allergies - Grind basil leaves and add sandalwood, make a paste. Use this paste on skin where allergy formed. Its antioxidants cure allergy and give beautiful skin to you.
  4. you can apply Basil leaves on your face for pimples and it also reduces the sign of pimples.
  5. Basil tea helps  to improve metabolism and burns fat as well. 
  6. There are several diseases like cold, cough and respiratory diseases can cure with basil.
Basil tea is good for your skin
Basil contains anti-oxidants and other valuable nutrients, which can be helpful for a beautiful and healthy skin. You can drink basil tea regularly and eat it’s leaves which clean our blood and provide relief from rashes and acne.

Basil tea reduces the risk and formation of blood clots, which helps prevent heart disease and heart attack. It reduces LDL cholesterol and promotes heart health and reduces triglycerides levels.

Basil tea protects the body cells and  responsible for the construction of bones. It helps to make strong bones and reduce inflammation on joints.

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