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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Fitness about Health

Health is a precious gift by God to you. Therefore our little responsibility to take care about it. You can do some simple things for weight loss and keep away yourself from diseases.

Firstly, we discuss about Empty Stomach Water. This is best way to stay fit. Everyone you know what is importance of water, it clean our body and remove waste in th form of sweat and Urine. 

If you drink 2-3 glass of cold water then our metabolism become strong and our skin glow more than before. If you add little honey and Ginger in lukewarm water and drink it empty stomach. It will definitely helpful for weight loss. Ginder protect you from cold, cough and throat itching. Water keeps our cholesterol level and body temperature maintain. It also increase energy level in our body.


Water makes up 85% of our blood and 75% of our muscles.
It helps body absorb nutrients and convert food into energy.
It also accounts for 22% bones and cushions joints. Health benefits of apples

Next, we move on Exercise, it is also beneficial for us. Exercise provides strengthen and make our body flexible. Moreover, it makes our bones healthy and increase life expectancy. Exercise prevents diabetes, blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol level. Early morning exercise keep your body fresh whole day. Exercise like crunches improve your stamina and you can weight loss with them. 

For Fitness, Walk is another beneficial way to stay fit and it can do by everyone and all aged people. Walk is several types like brisk walk, slow walk, jogging. But if you want to weight loss then you can do brisk walk and slow walk you can do after dinner. Because after dinner our food does not digest easily and consequences we become victim of obesity and diabetes. Researchers say, at least 1000 steps on feet’s are very essential for a person after dinner to stay fit. Walk is simple and easy exercise. 

Fruits and Green Vegetables are very useful for our health. It contains iron and all nutrients which prevent our body from several diseases. Furthermore, milk keeps our bones and teeth healthy, it provide calcium to our body. After 50, our body need calcium, but we don’t drink milk on that time. Therefore, our bones and muscles start paining. 

At last a good environment at your surroundings like more trees, flowers and beautiful lawns also affect on you health and mood. 

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