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Junk Food

Junk is which is definitely bad for health due to high quality of salt and calories  and does not contains level of energy. There is unhealthy fat and there is no good element in it. After eating, we feel the lack of oxygen and which makes the brain function unusable. 

This types of food provide large amount of cholesterol to our body, which create problems in the functioning of the arteries and also become an obstacle within the blood circulation to the heart. Excessive Bad cholesterol level also affects on liver and weight start gaining suddenly.

According to research, children and teenagers eat more junk food on a regular basis, and due to which their weight increase and many problems of heart and liver are also formed. These types of children have to face problems like diabetes, chronic diseases and laziness due to the presence of more sugar in the body at an early age. High levels of sodium in junk food can become reason of High blood pressure .

Taste of Junk food is good, due to which they are especially liked by children of all age groups. Parents never discuss the bad effects of junk food with their children. According to the research of scientists, it has been found that junk food put negative effects on health in many ways.
Junk food
These are usually fried packed food, which are found in the market. These include calorie and cholesterol, sodium minerals, sugar, stroke, excessive of unhealthy fat and lack of nutrients and protein elements.

Effects of Junk Food on Health
The high content of sugars, calories, flavors and fats that contain junk food, have an impact on your health.

Extreme Sadness
Recent Studies by the Public Hearth Nutrition notes that people, who eat more junk food are become 51 percent more depressed than as compared to people who eat healthy food.

Psychological Problems
Consumption of sugars, flavors and fats can trigger such problems as attention deficit, anxiety, individualism, lack of communication and frustration in children.
Moreover, children who consume junk food can loss their thinking ability and changes happen in their psychology, these are point of view by Organization of Consumer Power.

Premature Aging
The director of the Gold’s Gym, says the consumption of junk food is one of the main causes of premature agingbecause your dermis is not properly oxygenated by the saturations of fats and artificial flavors.

People who eat junk food in large quantities can become victim of compulsive behavior and brain affects as those caused by drug use. Junk food addiction can lose the pleasure of brain. This statement said by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida.

Junk food also increase the risk of coronary heart disease approximately 20 percent, which become cause of death. This term said by School of Public Health.

Overall, Junk food has a negative impact on the body throughout life. It increases the weight of our body, which is called obesity. Junk food can attract to everyone with their appearance, however, does not satisfy the need for healthy calories in the body. Some foods such as French fries, fried food, pizza, burgers, candies, cold drinks, ice creams are contain too much fat and sugar.
  • Recent survey by Disease Control and Prevention Center told that children, teenagers and juveniles who eat junk food, they can become victim of diabetes and it’s different types. Heavy consumption of junk food also give alarm to kidney failure.

Daily junk food leads to our body's lack of nutrition. They lack the necessary nutrients, vitamins, iron, minerals etc. Risk of Cardiac Malignant diseases increases, because junk food contains sodium, bad cholesterol and excess of fat.

Higher sodium and bad cholesterol increase blood pressure and puts more pressure on your heart. Junk food contains large amount of carbohydrate, which rises blood sugar levels rapidly and person becomes lazy. Thus, they live very dull lives. 

Junk food is a reason of constipation and other diseases such stroke, heart attack, which is due to poor nutrition.

"Regular intake of Junk food can make you unhealthy"

Today, we are telling you what are the disadvantages of junk food on our body and if we leave junk food, then what are the positive effects of this? Let's know about this:
  1. Do you know that the junk food is more salted and contains plenty of sodium, and for this reason, it becomes reason of dry throat again and again. For good health, you should leave this food immediately.
  2. Those people who have pain and swelling in the joints should leave immediately. Because, there are chemicals present in them such as sodium, nitrates which increase pain in joint and swelling problems.
  3. All types of junk food have the highest fat, due to which the body fat increases and the body becomes a home of diseases. So if you are planning to lose weight, first of all, you should leave junk food.
  4. Nowadays children or young people are often experience fatigue. If this is happening then surely one of the reasons is junk food, because junk food is not carbohydrate, leave junk food and adopt healthy food.
  5. Sodium and artificial flavors present in junk foods are not easily digestible. Due to this, the digestive system of the stomach is affected and it worsens. If you eat rusted food and the stomach problems formed, then leave the junk food immediately.
  6. Foods such as ice cream or cookies increase blood sugar and eating them regularly reduce sleep. Therefore, prevent yourself from these kinds of problems by avoiding junk food.
  7. Due to eating junk food, the disease resistance of the body is low, so children should stop it from eating junk food as far as possible.
  8. Nitrates and nitrids are present in junk food, which can lead to serious problems like headache or migraine.
  9. By constantly eating junk food, the balance of Harmon's deterioration also worsens, which reduces the ability to understand feelings.
  10. Junk food has a substantial amount of sugar and fat, which increases the chances of serious diseases such as cancer, heart problems. Therefore, keep away from junk food and stay healthy.


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