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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Nutritious Breakfast is very important in the morning for health and fitness. It gives you energy and you feel yourself fit and make you capable for work whole day. In this article, Know about the breakfast foods which are nutritious, energizing and giving energy to you.

  • Low Calorie Healthy Breakfast
Let start with Mexican food. Mexican food does not contain fat and calories. If you wish, you can start your day meal with breakfast Burrito. In it you can use the white part of egg. There is no fat and calorie content available in this part of egg and it is absolutely perfect for you.

  • Breakfast Shake
Take 4 Ice Cubes, mix a little water and curd in it, then mix coconut milk in it. What is the quantity in which to add? It depends on how much quantity you want this shake. Blend the mixture of these three for at least 30-40 seconds. In the morning, fresh and nutritious shake is ready for you.

Healthy breakfast recipes

  • Fruits are Better
Take any of your favorite fruits and cut them into small pieces. Mix three quarters of a cup of curd, a cup of milk, a full spoon of sugar (if you want to pour it). blend this mixture well. If you want to make this mixture a bit thicker then one banana can be mixed in it.

  • Egg Sandwich
Keep some boiled eggs in your refrigerator. They contain rich amount of protein. You can also use these eggs for egg sandwiches. Cut the egg then put on brown bread and mix a little pinch of salt. Put a little honey on it too. You can also mix a little mayonnaise (yellow chutney) if you want.

  • Try Grains in Breakfast 
Cold and Hot Grains are an important part of our breakfast. Take your favorite cereal in a large bowl and mix cold or hot milk in it. It is also easy to make and also the perfect meal for start of your day. It would be good, if you use soya or skim milk instead of the milk you usually get. You can also add strawberries to it.

  • Bread Jam and Peanut Butter
Put peanut butter on two pieces of bread. Now apply jam on one piece of bread. Let’s take your morning's easiest and healthy breakfast ready.

  • Oats
Oats contain rich amount of omega 3 fatty acid, folate, and potassium. It also contains abundant soluble fiber, which helps in reducing cholesterol. You can also take oats with fruits and nuts or you can also eat oats with seasonal fruits and with dry raisins.

Breakfast recipes

  • Upma or Poha
You can take breakfast of Upma or Poha. To make it more nutritious you can add peas, onions, potatoes and other vegetables of your choice in it. By doing this you will get both taste and as well nutrition.

  • Sprouts Spring
Sprouts springs are considered very good and light in morning snacks. It is good for both taste and health. It contains amino acids, proteins and fiber in abundance. You can easily sprouts it at home.

  • Vegetable Juice
You can take Vegetable Juice in your morning breakfast. In it you can use tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, carrot and amla. Many vitamins and other nutrients are found in vegetable juice. Along with drinking this, excessive amount of antioxidant reaches in your body.

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