Aerobic Exercise, it is a popular western practice of exercise. The scientific meaning of aerobic is to increase the amount of oxygen in the body, that is, the pure and fresh air in the body through exercise and breathing.

By this method of exercise, breathing, heart beat, blood pressure are properly controlled and the body take oxygen. It is mainly Cardiovascular and Respiratory Fitness Exercise.

Aerobic Europe is an exercise system introduced in India. The credit goes to yoga therapist Kenneth H. Cooper, who started this method. The Cooper's two books "Aerobics" and "The Aerobics Way" have given this method of exercise a great deal of popularity. Aerobics is such a fun method of exercise in which a person is not bored and as well as exercising the body is so different Under the aerobics system, exercise is done with the help of dance music and instruments.
What are the Aerobic exercise methods?
Generally, two styles of Aerobic are prevalent. First floor aerobic and second step aerobic. Floor aerobic is more popular. Training is very important for any type of aerobic style.

Apart from this, in Aerobic we can also include walking, walking, running, jogging, dance, swimming, cycling, skating etc. Aerobics contain several health benefits which are given below.

Exercise of body and mind: Regular performing aerobic exercise keeps the body healthy and fit. Where
aerobic is helpful for body, there it is also a best exercise of mind. It decreases your stress. Also, your mind is pleased with the melody of music.

Active body: Aerobics is a good exercise for heart and lungs. It also increases blood circulation and increasing the capacity of oxygen in our body. It maintain blood flow to each organ and muscles, which increases the activity of theorgan.

Controlled Blood Pressure: Body fat and cholesterol can be controlled by aerobics. Therefore, it keeps blood pressure control and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Sharp mind: By aerobics, the brain gets better oxygen and the activity of the brain increases, so that you feel full with your refreshing and enthusiasm.

Obesity: By continuous aerobic exercise, body fat starts burning. For those who have obesity, aerobic is ideal exercise. Light  exercise like aerobics increase the power of understanding and thinking of people who suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia.

Spiral: While exercising the Aerobic, the consumption of oxygen in the body muscles increases. Oxygen acts as a ghee in the fire in the presence of glucose and carbohydrateAerobics action produce energy, therefore tissues which tired become active once again.

How to do Aerobic exercise?
You can exercise aerobic in the presence of an instructor at aerobic centers. The time of exercise is fixed at approximately 60 minutes. Start with 20 min at the beginning and gradually increase the time.
  • You must regularly do aerobic or 5 days a week. You can do this at any time of the day, provided your stomach is empty. Morning is the best time.
For the first time stand up for 15 minutes and keep the body warm. Do exercise for warm-up and exercises are like PT verbs.

First of all, do body warm up exercises, then the basic exercises of aerobics start. It take time duration approximately twenty-thirty minutes. Your heart beat (rate) should be increased in this twenty minutes exercise session. The maximum heart rate of people of different ages is already determined. The last 10 minutes of cool down or stretching exercises are performed.


Starting three to four days do cardiotherapy exercises and keep last 2-3 days for weight training and core strengthening. Flexibility and stretching can do every day.

Initially, do not exercise heavily or else the pain in the body and joints occur. Anyway, the level of exercise in aerobics was not high or low. 

Audio and video CDs for aerobic can be purchased from the market. For those who have been performing regular aerobic exercises for a long time, there are different types of CDs for them and for those who have just started aerobic exercise, different CDs are also available for them. You can also learn aerobics with the help of the trainer.

Aerobic is not possible without rhythm, but music velocity should not exceed 118 to 122 feet per minute. The specialty of aerobics exercise is that it has diversity.

According to the physician, exercise like aerobic should be done according to the body's appearance. It would be appropriate that before starting aerobic exercise, you should consult the doctor who can give you the correct instructions according to your blood pressure, heart rate, weight, physical capacity and organ activity.

Just like other exercises, you should take nutritious and balanced diet during aerobics, so that you can get the energy needed for exercise. In this, you should include about 60 to 70% of carbohydrate in your diet, 15 to 25% of protein and 15 to 20% fat, along with vitamins and minerals. Your diet should be containing fruits, salads, milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grains, nuts. Water consumption should be done in the appropriate amount. Keep in mind, do not take any heavy diet before exercise.

In this way aerobics exercise keeps both your body and mind happy, so it must be part of your lifestyle and stay fit!

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