Running / Jogging is the easiest way to exercise. Whether it is a child or middle aged or senior, everyone can run or jog. It is very beneficial for health.

Most people believe that you can stay healthy by running, but people come to race for running. So today we are going to share with you about the health benefits we get from running. Hope you will get encouraged to run after reading this post and get improved health. Running is good exercise  for people of all age groups, so why not to try this easy form of workout to look young. You can also make jogging a fun run.

What things to keep in mind before running or jogging?
First of all, contact your doctor and consult him about your running. This is important when you are 40 or older, if your obesity is too high, you have not exercised for a long time or you can have other health related discomforts.
  • Start slowly with 30 minutes daily for 6-7 consecutive weeks to build a stamina.
  • Run a little more than usual every day.
  • Cool your body for a short while after the rush of light Exercise.
  • Keep a water bottle with you while jogging.
  • Drink lots of water before running and after finishing you running.
Benefits of Jogging: 

1. Healthy Heart
Harnessing the heart makes Blood Pump well in the whole body. Functioning of all the Body Organs is very important to have good blood supply to stay healthy. Running keeps the heart healthy and some diseases related to it also get rid of. By running and exercising regularly, blood vessels and heart's cholesterol levels are also reduced and the grievances of heart attack and high blood pressure are also lower down. A new research has shown that most runners have a 55 percent lower risk of heart attack, which is very good.
Fun run

2.Keeps Your Lungs Healthy
Running increases heart rates and causes whispering to work faster. This strengthens whispering or lung muscles. This increases the flexibility of the lungs and keeps the body away from the diseases associated with pneumonia.

3. Helps to reduce obesity
Do you want to reduce your obesity? If you want, then jogging or running is the very simple way to reduce body weight or Obesity. When you run body cells need more energy and thus rise the body metabolism. For more energy, our body start burning more and more calories. Which maintain your weight and reduce obesity.

4. Run and stay young
No person wants to look old, would you believe that? It is natural to grow and sink on. It is believed that there is such magic in running and jogging regularly, so that your aging process can be slower down to some extent. This will also keep your beauty alive.

5. Builds bones of body strong
Running strengthens the bones of the feet. In the bones of 
the feet, only the blood is produced for the body. The bones of the feet and thighs strengthen the body and so the body remains healthy. It also reduces diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

6. Helps you to get good sleep
The first thing to run every day is that the anxiety and depression of your mind goes away and comes in is good sleep. Insomnia is a major disease for the body because it causes sleepless nights, indigestion, headache and difficulties while working. In such a situation, running or jogging twice a day, sleep well and food is digested.

The jogging gives you a perfectly well balanced and ideal weight. You can also stroll to keep your body right. Here some tips for running :

Benefits of Running
  • It controls weight. 
  • Enhances resistant efficiency. Reduces cold.
  • Running is better exercise compared to other exercises to stay fit.
Running is a very simple and easy to exercise. There is no special technique needed to run. It not only controls weight but also keep you younger. In today's hectic lifestyle, people do not have the time to exercise. Running is the best exercise. Running not only strengthens meat muscles, but also keeps your body fits.

Runners World:
Freedom from diseases: Risk reduces the risk of diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. Keep in mind that do not run for long time in the initial days. Gradually increase 
the time of exercise.

The means of relieving:
We can not separate stress from modern lifestyles. Perhaps you have already adopted many means of stress relief. Run this time every day for a while and observe the change. 

For fitness:
If you have to control the weight then make a habit of running. If you can not run everyday, run for at least 3 days a week. Running reduces the excess of fat present in the body and body gets into shape.

Healthy skin should:
By running, blood circulation in the body is improved and the wrinkles fall late. Work is less stressful and your skin also shines.

Resistant capacity:
Running makes the body's metabolism strong and the immune system becomes stronger. It’s extremely necessary for it to work properly with the resistant capacity for a healthy body.

Get rid of winter cold:
It is common to have problems with changing weather in winters. But daily exercise can give you relief from cold infection and other related diseases.

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