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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Cow's Milk Benefits

However, people of all ages should drink cow's milk daily. Because there are many nutrients present in it. Which is beneficial for health. It will not be wrong to say milk is a proper balanced diet. In Ayurveda it is considered as ozus and metal magnifier.

Hardly you will know that by consuming cow's milk, the brain gets faster. Adopted cow's milk is considered soft and sweet. It works to reduce both hunger and fatigue. Milk is also beneficial for skin. 

Excellent benefits of cow's milk.

  1. Mix lemon juice with raw cow's milk and apply it on the face. This will get rid of the wrinkles in your face.
  2. Mix rose water in milk. Now put this mixture in the lower part of the eyes before sleeping at night. This will remove the dark circles under the eyes
  3. New research has found that drink milk on daily basis can reduce body fat.
  4. Nowadays, the problem of acne in the youth has become common problem. Milk will be beneficial for those people. Mix the milk and chironji together. Applying this coating on face where acne show, it will get rid of the acne problem.
  5. Cow milk is a rich source of calcium. Which keeps the teeth and bones strong. That's why one glass of milk should be given daily.

Cow's milk benefits

  • If you are suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorder, then drink milk on regular basis before sleeep. It contains amino acids, which makes sleep well.
  • Disease like sinus and asthma can be reduced by milk. Mix turmeric in lukewarm milk and drink it. You will get the benefit.
  • Occurrence and pain are sometimes seen in the eyes. In that situation, you can get relief by using cow's milk. First, take milk. Now soak the cotton seeds and keep them well on the eyes. You will get the benefit.

You can use cow's milk in the problem of hemorrhoids. Put black pepper in cow's milk. Then boil it and filter it and mix well with sesame seeds. It will be beneficial.

Mother's milk is the best for the newborn. But sometimes the mother's milk becomes less. In that case the cow's milk can be given to the baby. Baby can easily digest cow milk.

Turmeric milk is a best painkiller medicine. That's why drinking turmeric milk provides relief from pain. If you want to live long life. Must drink 1 or 2 glasses of milk per day. Many researches have shown that people who consume milk daily live their life more than 20 percent as compared to people who do not drink milk on regular basis.

That's why milk should be consumed by people of all ages. It can complete diet by itself. Along with this it is easily digested. Those who exercise, but they are vegetarians. Those people should consume milk. It gives energy immediately.

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