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Monday, 6 November 2017

Several Types of Exercise

Healthy body becomes with the combination of balanced diet and exercise. Nowadays we have been very cautious in the matter of food. but the cases of exercise and physical labor still look careless. But keep in mind that exercise is also a regular requirement like food. 

Exercise is also helpful in keeping the body healthy and also making significant contributions in strengthening it. There are different types of exercises for different things. Some make the body healthy, some help in keeping it healthy. The exercises performed in the form of yoga are beneficial for intellectual health. So let's learn in detail what kinds of exercises and what they need.

Some Types of Exercise to Get Health :

Isotonic Exercise

In some exercises, certain muscles are compressed and relaxed on a regular basis. In these exercises muscle tension remains, and the length of the fibers of the muscles remains low. These types of exercises are called iosotonic exercises. To be understood directly
The exercise which is more busted is called the Isotonic Workout. Examples of running, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling, sports like soccer, tennis, cricket etc. are iosotonic exercise.

Isometric Exercise

When we pick up a heavy thing for a long time, or push the weight forward or back with the hands, but there is no effect on muscular fibers in length. Such an action can be called a isometric exercise. In this workout, there is a lot of resistance with force and therefore the muscles have to work, without much movement. This type of exercise increases muscle strength and size rapidly. It is enough for the muscles to exercise these three days a week. So they do not need to be done every day. There are plenty of ways available in different gyms.

Types of Exercises

Both Isometic and Isotonic

Muscular tissues are made faster by isometric exercises, so people perform these exercises more. At the same time, iostonic exercises are more useful for wrestlers and short-range runners, because they increase stamina. Most of these exercises are included in both these exercises. So that both exercises can enhance strength. 

For example, in wrestling, force has to be applied against bustle and resistance, but it is less used in stir. When a person is pulling a bicycle rickshaw or a laborer pushes the car, then in such a situation, he is used to stir with his feet and put a permanent force with his hands. This means that both isometric and isotonic are being used here. The medicines are beneficial to the isometric and to the isotonic to the feet.

To Walk

Walking is a medium-range and intuitive exercise. It is very useful for people of all ages (especially for those affected by heart diseases). Exercise in addition to physical benefits brings strength and comfort. About one kilometer of moderate speed is spent about 50 calories. Therefore, you should walk as fast as possible.


Collective sports are more useful than just exercising. Fun comes in sports as well as physical workout too. But not all games are as useful as one like,

Which part of the body is being used

Game speed (football, hockey more dynamic, but not table tennis)
How much power (Wrestling is the work of strength, but inspiration in Badminton)
Muscularity (Rifle shooting requires the combination of hands, eyes and other body parts)
Tolerance and tensile strength (play almost all day in cricket)


Yoga requires both physical and mental discipline. Yoga is a great exercise, in which basically three things are done.

  1. Posture : To stay in a certain position for a certain time is called asana. The asanas include isometric and isotonic exercises, and this increases the flow of blood in the body and the ability to synergize muscles and to endure.
  2. Currencies: Currencies are actually facial exercises. For example, lion currency makes facial muscles healthy.
  3. Bond: Stretching muscles are tightening exercises. With its help, it helps in stretching muscles. For example, muscles of the pelvic tissues are formed from the original bond. Similarly, muscles of throat are confirmed by Jalandhar bondage.

Overall, regular physical exercise, strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases like heart disease, hemangiocytosis, type 2 diabetes and obesity. It improves mental health and helps in relieving stress.