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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Fast weight loss

Nowadays, Obesity is becaming a vast problem for all aged people like children, women, youngsters and old aged people. That’s why, How to lose weight is a big question in these days. Obesity is a big issue among the people in European countries, but now it’s also increasing very fast in Asian countries too.

But we also know that without having a proper diet and without any physical activities that’s not going to happen. Here we are discussing some drinks which will beneficial for your fast weight loss. Also Read: Healthy food for your fitness and weight lose

Ingredients for this weight loss drink
  1. Organic Cinnamon powder 1 tablespoon 
  2. Organic Honey 2 tablespoons
  3. Filtered Water 250 ml
Now you need to follow this procedure step by step :
Add one tablespoon cinnamon powder to large cup. Pour one cup of hot water in it. Steep for 15 minutes and let it cool. Add 2 tablespoons of honey to cooled liquid. Always add honey in cooled liquid. Because hot water may destroy the enzymes in honey.

Drink half cup of this juice daily before sleep and rest of it in the morning before breakfast.
  • Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels and increase the metabolism of glucose, high blood sugar levels can lead to increased the storage of fat. Cinnamon helps prevent it. It also improves insulin function. This you begin to loss weight. 
  • Honey boost and speed up your metabolism to more quickly burn off that body fat. Honey has a healthier glycemic index than sugar. Therefore it doesn’t cause a sugar rush.
  • You can easily loss weight by using this honey and cinnamon drink. This drink will boost your metabolism and speed up your weight loss process.
Fast weight loss
Another drink for weight loss. 
Which Ingredients you need for this drink that you can get easily from your kitchen. This drink doesn’t take too much time.

Ingredients :
  1. One average size lemon
  2. One tablespoon of organic honey 
  3. Lukewarm water 
Take one glass of lukewarm water. Add juice of one lemon and one tablespoon of organic honey in it. Mix well. 

Lemon contains vitamin C in large amount and Honey is antioxidants which is also beneficial for our health. Drink this juice on empty stomach in morning time.

Where this drink is helpful for reduce body fat there it keep you stomach clean and provides glowing skin. It prevents from constipation. Because it contains vitamin C, antioxidant and other useful nutrients. You can take your breakfast after 45 minutes of this drink. You can add one tablespoon of organic turmeric in it to make more beneficial.

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