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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Push Up

Pushups is a best and full body workout. When you do this exercise, it connected large number of muscles in our body. Pushups helps you to cover your arms, abs and your lower body all at once. Which makes you stronger.

Push up workout
It increases metabolic rate and reduce weights naturally. Pushups helps to strengthen our wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms and shoulders. It also helps stronger and more dense bones too.

Pushups can be do at any place like home, garden and gym without having any equipment. Also Read:  Fit yourself with aerobics exercises

Pushups makes healthy and stronger body naturally, which helps to promote testosterone production in our body both men and women.

Pushups for Chest 
  1. Observe in picture and make a position. If you want, put your claws in a place that is a little high so that you do not move backwards. You do not have to put a foot on a higher thing, just keep the paw right next to it so that you can not escape from going backwards.
  1. Keep hands close to the chest. So close that if you pull a thumb slightly, then touch around one inch below your chest's nipple.
  1. In this exercise, the elbows will not run away. The angle of the elbows will be inward, but do not keep them close to the body.
  1. Take breath while you are coming down, keep your neck upside down and focus your attention on your chest. Breathe the chests lightly and touch up. The whole game is of meditation and breathtaking.
  1. Come comfortably below can go a little faster.
  1. There should not be a crater in the waist or a hunch should be made. From neck to foot all will be in line.
How to make pushups easy and hard ?
If you keep your feet on height and hands down then it will be difficult. If the hand is at the height and the leg below it will be easy to workout.

In the beginning you put your hands in a higher place. Just like two bricks, or edge of the bench or other chair. Apart from this, make the position of the knees instead of the paws, it will also be easy. Afterwards, the feet can be placed at the height, they can keep the weight on the back and you can do pushups with one hand. However, more emphasis is drawn on the trips to an arm's exercise. For chests, you should push ups with both hands. You can add incline push-ups and one arm pushup in your workout.

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