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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Skin Cancer Formation

Skin is a very sensitive part of our body. It face several diseases like Rashes, allergies and so on. Skin cancer is one of the major skin disease.

What is skin Cancer ?
Our skin is made up of three layers and second layer is made with cells. When skin cells increase abnormally, then skin cancer formed. It affects the skin of that body part, where ultraviolet rays of sun reach easily and directly like arms, hands, face, lips, women feet’s and neck. People with different types of skin tones could be victim of skin cancer like dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. According to doctors, it can affect other body parts such as hand fingers, nails, palm where sun rays do not affect directly. Ayurvedic treatment for blood pressure

When skin color and moles on skin start changing their size or color, it could be sign of skin cancer. If people keep their skin away from ultraviolet and sun rays, then skin cancer chances will be less.
Skin cancer

From where skin cancer start ?
Firstly, skin cancer start on the outer most layer of skin which know as epidermis. Epidermis is very thin layer of our skin and it also prevents to our skin. It is formed by three types of cells
  1. Sequmose Cell- The cell directly below the upper layer of the skin, which plays a key role in the internal structure of the skin.
  2. Basal cell- It produces new cells in the skin. It is just below the Sequmose cell.
  3. Melanocyte - Melanocyte cell  produces skin pigment melanin, which determines skin tone and skin color. It is just below the epidermis layer. When you go in the sunlight or in the front of sun, melanin is produced in 
  4. large amount for the protection of skin's inner layer.
Therefore, three different types of skin cancer formed.

1. Basal cell carcinoma
This cancer is the most common. It gradually increases in the basic cells of the lower layer of the skin and spreads to other parts of the body. After starting symptoms It is necessary to treat this cancer as soon as possible. It occurs in parts of the body where ultraviolet rays of the Sun fall directly, such as face, ear, scalp.

2. Sequmose cell carcinoma
This skin cancer affects the upper layer of the skin. In most of the cases, the Sequmose cell carcinoma occurs due to exposure to sun's ultraviolet rays. These type of skin cancer is usually found in people who spend too much time under sunrays , especially those who’s eyes are bright and blue.

3. Melanoma
This is the most fatal cancer. In this cancer people feel swelling or itching in the throat, it can occur anywhere on the body. It increases rapid wounds in those that are often colored like black and pink. When melanoma is not treated, it also spreads in the other parts of the body other than the skin, which makes the condition very serious.

Symptoms of skin cancer
  • Eczema , also lasted longer. Especially if it appears on elbow, palm or knees, take care about it.
  • Change in mole and it’s colors and if you feel itching or bleeding on any mole.
  • The skin around the forehead, cheeks, chin and eyes look red and very irritable
  • Change show in Rare, Mole or Birth Marks color and size.
  • Be aware about six months old stains on skin.
  • Skin Rosesia means too much redness and irritation.
In Most of the cases, skin cancer formed by ultraviolet sun rays, because DNA of skin cells damage more with ultraviolet rays. 

People may be victim of Sunburn and tanning if they stay more under sun's ultraviolet rays. During Tanning DNA of skin cells damage more and which increases the likelihood of skin cancer.

Treatment of Skin Cancer
Treatment of skin cancer is possible but it is a complex process. Prevention is better cure for skin cancer. For prevention of skin cancer, keep following things in mind:
  1. Use sunscreen cream or lotion.
Use sunscreen before go outside or in sunlight. It protects the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunscreen cream or lotion protects the skin from sunburn.
  1. SPF should be 30 in sunscreen cream or lotion.
Ultraviolet rays of the sun are two types of UVA and UVB. UV rays increase the skin's pigmentation, while UVB rays cause tanning and skin cancer. So check your sunscreen cream or lotion to protect against UVA from SPF and UVB. For prevention of UVB rays, the sunscreen should be at least at least SPF 30.

  1. Vitamin D 
Take vitamin D rich food. It strengthening the bones and also protects the bones from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Drink green tea, the element name Polyphenol is present in it which protects from skin cancer. Polyphenol is available in tomatoes and grapes.
  1. Skin Massage with oil
Give Massage to skin with almonds and coconut oil. Almond and coconut oil contain naturally spf. Moreover, SPF 30 is also present in Raspberry seed oil and wheat oil contains Vitamin E, which gives you SPF 30.

Home Remedies for Skin Cancer
  1. Black Raspberry Seeds are rich in antioxidants, which can prevents you from cancer. Where black raspberry prevents from cancer, there it also affects on roots of cancer. It increases immunity and make to able  fight against cancer.
  1. Turmeric 
A substance name Curcumin which helps to kill the cancer cells is available in Turmeric. Specially turmeric is very beneficial in the cure of breast cancer, Stomach cancer and skin cancer.

Necessary Precautions
Person who affected by skin cancer, should be away from food which formed infection in the body, because cancer spreads more in acidic and toxic environments. Avoid eating more fried and spicy foods. Keep away yourself from fast food, artificial sugar, corn syrup, food that contains more fatty acids, as well as meats and trans fat.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is extremely important for cancer prevention. Therefore, sit at least 1 and half hour daily in the sunshine. If it is not possible ,then it can be taken as a vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D increases the immunity power of the body and the body becomes more powerful to fight against cancer.

Violet eggplant
Brinjal is also very beneficial in protecting against cancer. Not only that, other vegetables of the Solanaceae family like tomato, potato, capsicum, etc. are equally effective in preventing cancer. Solasodine Rhamnosyl Glycosides, which is present in eggplant, is used in Ayurveda to make skin cancerous cream.

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