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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Mocktail - Healthy Drinks

When weather changes, we know how to take care their skin, but we don’t know, how we can keep our body fit and healthy. Therefore, we become careless for our health. When summer season comes, we face several problems due to lack of energy. We feel weakness, anxiety and fatigue. Because in summer season our body needs too much water and other liquids.

If you want to stay fit in summer, drink lots of fresh water, which keeps our inner body cool. If you can’t drink much water add drinks like soft drink, fruit beverages, lemon water, fruit juice and butter milk in your daily routine. Take these drinks in sufficient amount, otherwise they would be harmful for our body.

Benefits of Water

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day which gives beneficial results to our body. It maintains moisturizer level of our body. It removes toxic substances from our body through sweat and urine. Furthermore, avoid cold water and drink water whose temperature is same as room temperature.
Juice and buttermilk

You can drink lukewarm water 2-3 times a day, which improves your digestion power. You can drink coconut water and lemon water to replace regular water. For instant energy, drink fruit juice, sweet butter milk or mix one spoon of organic honey in one glass of water. Don’t drink these on regular basis.

Fruits and vegetables juice

Fresh fruit juice provides instant energy to our body, because fruits contain natural sugar in large amount. Their liquid form dissolves in our blood easily and gives energy to our body. Juice is more beneficial for children, patients and aged people, but in limited amount. People can eat more fruits, which provides essential nutrients and fiber to our body. You can take more vegetables or a glass of  vegetables juice to get their complete benefits.

Herbal Tea : Herbal tea does not contain caffeine, therefore it is more effective for our health. It can cure digestion problems if you drink it on regular basis. It is easily available in marketplace with different flavors. Herbal tea habit can improve your immunity and fitness level.

Butter Milk : Butter milk is a powerful drink for summer season. It keeps our body cool and cure acid reflux. For more results, mix black pepper and cumin in it.

Decaffeinated Coffee :  Decaffeinated Coffee contains less amount of caffeine. Therefore it is a healthy drink in summer for everyone. But take care, the amount of cream and milk should be less. Sugar quantity should also be lesser and water should be fresh and clean.

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