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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Milk and Honey

Drinking milk is beneficial for health, you all know it. But if you mix honey in milk, you will get more health benefits. Not only this, health problems will also get cured. Drinking honey mixed milk every day is also beneficial for your physical and mental health. It is helpful in enhancing the capabilities of both.

By drinking pure honey and milk, the body gets many benefits. Both of them make a complete diet that can be doubly consumed by mixing together. Where a lot of calcium, protein, vitamins and lactic acid are found in plenty of milk, at the same time, the honey itself is full of antibacterial, antioxidant and anti fungal properties. Also Read: Health benefits of Honey and Ginger

Do you know that in Ancient Kalpak, in the countries of Greek, Roman, Egypt and India, the queens used to consume milk and honey to look young and beautiful? By taking milk and honey not only increases the skin glow but also many diseases of the body get cured.
milk and honey health benefits

  • By consuming milk and honey, your digestion will be enhanced, obesity will decrease, bone strength increases and you’ll get sleep on time at nights.
Let's know about some of the benefits of taking milk and honey together.

Milk and honey remove all the problems related to digestion. The nutrients present in these two ingredients help in enhancing good bacteria in the stomach, which keeps digestion fine. Drink one cup of milk and mix one spoon of honey. For the digestion improvement process, take one tablespoon honey and mix with milk. This will effective remedy for digestion and also cure other problems like constipation.

Increase strength
Our strength in the summer decreases due to the heat. To increase this, add honey in the milk daily and drink it. Milk contains proteins and honey is rich in carbohydrates, this helps to increase stamina.

Strengthen the bones
Combination of milk and honey, as well as keeping the body healthy, protects bone related diseases such as osteoporosis or joint pains because both milk and honey have sufficient amounts of calcium.

Good sleep
Do not you good sleep at night? In this case you should drink a glass of hot milk and honey before sleeping. This will remove your illicit illness.  If there is no sleep or lesser sleep, then drink honey in hot milk before going to bed at night, this will improve sleep and you will feel more relaxed when you wake up. Read more: Healthy and nutritional drinks

Cure constipation
Constipation is a very common disease. By drinking one spoon honey and hot milk will automatically cure constipation. Drink it empty stomach every morning.

Cure colds
In winter, cold and cough are also common. Drinking milk and honey in cold winters act as an antiseptic drug for cold. This provides lot of vitamins which will make the body stronger and the end the infection.

Lose weight
Honey and milk helps to reduce weight. Honey contains energy in the form of protein and milk helps to burn fat on the other side.

Reduces heartburn
If you drink a cup of honey and warm milk after eating then you will get rid of the irritation of the heartburn and indigestion.

Nutritional values
Milk gives you many essential nutrients besides protein and calcium and also helps in enhancing resistant capacity. Together, these prove a great health option. This is a great way to relieve stress. Mixing honey in light lukewarm milk increases the rate of fertility and sperm count.

Cures coughing 
Mix hot milk and honey together. As you know, honey contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which cures the infection. This will give you relief from coughing.

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