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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Experts believe that the biggest problem of today's youth is the lack of sleep. The reason for the lack of sleep in the youth is a major change in sleeping time. Due to which many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart related diseases and obesity are increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the consequences of not paying attention can also be fatal.

In this age of information technology, there has been a major change in the lifestyle of people and this has adversely affected the habits of sleeping. Due to the change in lifestyle, the complaints of people not being sleepy are the most common complaints. Most of the impact falls on those people, who work in the different shift.

It is important for such people to make a routine according to their work so that their body can get adequate comfort. According to doctors, there should be at least 72 hours between different shifts for fitness of your body. If this does not happen, the body's biological clock becomes unbalanced. 

Sleep Apnea

To regulate this, you need to pay special attention on diet, exercise and many other things. Sleep apnea is increasing in people due to unbalanced routine in the current period. In which, during sleep shortness of breathing happen and sometimes it can be fatal. To avoid this, regularize the habits of eating and drinking as much as possible, as well as consult with a doctor's. By regular exercise, nutritious and balanced diet this problem can be controlled.

8 Affects of Insomnia :
  1. Raises the risk of Diabetes
  2. Damages Skin
  3. Causes Depression
  4. Weakens your Immunity
  5. Harmful for your Heart
  6. Affects your brain and memory
  7. Makes you gain weight
  8. Leads to early death

Many times due to lack of vitamins and mineral elements in the body, which can also become reason of a lack of sleep. In this situation, sleep go away from your eyes and you feel uncomfortable on your bed during sleeping time.

Magnesium is also one of the essential elements for our body, which is beneficial for good sleep. People are often complaining of insomnia by its deficiency. According to a 2006 study, its deficiency can lead to tension in people and it can be a problem for mental health. Green vegetables, gourd, sesame and beans are rich in magnesium foods.

The lack of potassium in the body can also cause of insomnia. According to a 1991 study, Nutritional food can be taken to reduce its deficiency, and the problem of sleep deprivation can be cure to a great extent. Consumption of beans, green vegetables and cooked potatoes can also be reduced insomnia.

Magnesium present in almonds, which is beneficial for good sleep. Also fiber, proteins, amino acids present in it, which inhibit bad cholesterol in the body. Apart from this, it has an ingredient named Tryptophan, which is beneficial for good sleep.

Usually, we do not eat bananas at night, but it is a very beneficial fruit for good sleep. According to Neuroscience Magazine, banana is a rich source of potassium, which relaxes the muscles, calm the hunger and we can sleep with peace.

By adding hill fruit kiwi in the diet, the body gets good amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C and serotonin, which helps to gives good sleep.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating oats at night also brings good sleep and the desire to eat junkfood becomes less. Oats contain low calorie and high carbohydrates and tryptophan, which helps in sleeping.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

High blood pressure has become a common health problem in modern lifestyles. To be healthy, blood pressure should be remain balanced. Most people suffer from high blood pressure problem. During problem of high blood pressure speed of blood flow increase in the arteries. Due to this, the heart needs more work to keep blood flow smooth. Which is not right for health.

At the same time, when the blood flow in someone's body is less than normal, then it is called low blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. A little variation between up and down can be see. But, if blood pressure is below 90, then it is called low blood pressure. Do not ignore this problems on that time, immediately consult a doctor. Often people do not take it seriously.

High blood pressure

While low blood pressure reduces blood flow in the body parts, the whole blood is not reached to the necessary organs, which inhibit their functioning. In this case, heart, kidney, lungs and brain can also partially or completely stop working. If you are suffering from the problem of high or low blood pressure, then you can cure it through your diet. Today, we are going to tell you about some foods, which can keep your blood pressure normal and maintain.

  • When blood pressure is high
White beans
A cup of white beans provide 13 percent calcium, 30 percent magnesium and 24 potassium. You can eat them in many ways, such as vegetables, soup or salad. Vitamin B1 is important for the production of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter and helps to transmits messages from the nerves to the muscles. The heart depends on these signs and proper energy helps to provide an indication between the nerves and the muscles. Studies have shown that Vitamin B1 present in beans also treats heart failure and improve heart health.

Pumpkin seeds
Zinc is found abundant in pumpkin seeds, which helps in reducing stress and increases disease resistance. Significantly, if there is a lack of zinc in the body, then you may be a victim of depression and irritation.

Eat Potassium rich Foods
Potassium is a mineral which is helpful in reducing blood pressure. Therefore, eat vegetables which are rich in potassium such as beans and peas, gillies, spinach, cabbage and fruits like bananas, papaya and dates.

A study presented at the American College of Cardiology conference said that eating a full hand of raisins three times during the day reduces blood pressure. Prior to this research, 46 people were included in the test, whose blood pressure was slightly higher than normal and also the risk of high blood pressure. The blood pressure of these people was measured from 120-80 to 139-89, which was slightly higher than normal. When these people added raisins regularly to their diet, their blood pressure decreased by 12 weeks and blood pressure became normal.

According to another study, incorporating soybean regularly in your diet helps in reducing blood pressure. Research was done on 5100 white and African American people aged 18 to 30 years old, the reduction was saw in the blood pressure of people who involved in this study and was eating soybean, paneer, groundnut and green tea in their daily diet.

Curd/ Yogurt
In yogurt, proteins, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are in great quantity, which reduce the problem of hypertension and the body receives many beneficial ingredients. Calcium found in high amounts in yogurt. It is helpful in the development of bones. In addition, it also strengthens teeth and nails. This helps in working properly with muscles.

Eat Kiwi Fruit
One kiwi fruit contains 2 percent calcium, 7 percent magnesium and 9 percent potassium. Regular consumption of it can prevent you from the problem of high blood pressure. Research has shown that Kiwi is very beneficial in the treatment of leg ulcers due to diabetes.

Eggs contain vitamins, minerals and many other nutritious substances, which produce a chemical called endorphin. This chemical is also found in our brain. Which provides relief from problems like depression and pain. Egg can be eaten by several types, by boiling, making a vegetable or even raw.

  • How to lower blood pressure
Green leafy vegetables
Iron is abundant in leafy vegetables, as well as protein and vitamins in them. Which is an important mineral substance. When blood pressure decreases, these vegetables help to normalize it. For maintaining blood pressure, should be eaten green vegetables.

Eat Seasonal Fruits
Eat such fruits, which are rich source of protein. You can also choose fruit by season or you can eat even evergreen fruits. Regular consumption of fruits is very beneficial for blood pressure patients.

Dark Colored Foods
Iron is abundant in black grapes, black dates and potato feathers. The consumption of all these fruits is very helpful in making blood pressure normal. By adding them to the diet, blood pressure is normal, and it also keeps the heart healthy. You can also eat chocolate.

Dry Fruits
Nuts increase both your energy and resistance. Nuts are also very beneficial to maintain your blood pressure , so be sure to include these in your daily diet.

Low Fat Meat
Eat such meat in which the fat found in low amount. People who are suffering from low blood pressure can eat turkeys meat and fish. These are considered to be the best diet for blood pressure patients.

Whole grains
Eat whole grains to normalize low blood pressure. They contain a lot of fiber and they are also good for health. They must be included in a regular diet.

Eat Garlic
Add garlic to your diet. It is helpful in normalizing blood pressure. Put chopped garlic in your food. This is a good food for low blood pressure.

Beetroot contains iron in large quantity. It is a beneficial diet for good health and normal blood pressure. Take this also to avoid the problem of low blood pressure.

Fruits and Vegetables Juice
Consume juice of vegetables and citrus fruits. Honey can also be mixed in these juices. If you are suffering from low blood pressure, the consumption of these juices will be beneficial for you.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

The problem of food poisoning is caused due to consumption of bad food, but now you can treat this problem at home. Often we forget the goodness in the early detour. Whether it is your home or outside of a restaurant or hotel, the fresh food should always be kept in mind. 

If the food is not clean or fresh, then it can give harmful bacteria. When you eat this food in your diet, then harmful bacteria transmit the infection in our body. Consequently, health starts to get worse, which affects the body in many ways.

Food poisoning symptoms
1. Stomach ache.
2. Vomiting occurs every 15 to 20 minutes intervals.
3. Diarrhea.
4. Food indigestion, after eating anything it immediately turns out as a vomit.
5. Feeling Headache.
6. Body feels very exhausted and weak. The body seems to be lifeless.

Causes of food poisoning
As we have already said, food poisoning occurs due to consumption of contaminated food items which results in food poisoning, can happen in many ways like :

1. Eating stale food
2. Food poisoning can occur if you use dirty water to wash and cook food at home.
3. Harmful bacteria enters into food, when dirty flies sit on the non-covered food items. This way food gets poisoned.
4. Often in the food shops in the street, food items are left uncovered due to which the flying dust of the road enters directly to the food. On the other hand, the flies also sit on the food, which results into harmful bacteria in the food. When we eat such food then we suffer from food poisoning.
5. At home, If the water tank isn’t cleaned for a long time, then the water becomes contaminated. When we use such water in cooking or washing the food gets poisoned.
6. The problem of food poisoning is not only due to contaminated food, sometimes it also happens with eating food with dirty hands.

Food poisoning symptoms

Treatment for Food Poisoning
Electrolyte powder, improves energy in our body, and also removes the shortage of water in the body.
  • Bring some packets of ORS from the market.
  • Mix one packet of powder in 4 to 5 glasses of water.
  • Drink as much water as you can during the day.

Ginger and Honey - Ginger is beneficial for any type of stomach disorders. It has been proved that ginger is best remedy for the stomach's digestive system.

Take a small piece of ginger, then grind it and mix fine grain, and eat this with organic honey.

Cumin - If your stomach is rubbish then taking cumin powder with water will give you instant relief.

  • First take a glass of water and add 1 teaspoon cumin powder in it.
  • With the help of spoon, stir well and drink that solution.

Basil leave - Basil leaf is used for the treatment of many diseases. If you are suffering from food poisoning, then it can prevents by drinking basil tea. Basil is also beneficial for the infection in the stomach.

  • Take 10 to 12 basil leaves.
  • Boil this leaves in 2 cups of water.
  • When the water boils well, you should drink it after cooling it down.

Banana and Apple - The oxidents, which are found in bananas and apples, is quite beneficial for liver. They maintain and provide coolness in the liver.

  • If someone has food poisoning, feeding mashed banana and apple will give relief to the liver.
  • At least eat 4 or 5 times in the day, the problem of food poisoning will be cured.

Drink boiled water - As well as thirsty, drink boiled water only. By boiling the water, the harmful bacteria dies in it. The water becomes clean and bacteria free.

Lemon Juice - Take a lemon and squeeze the juice into a glass of water, now add a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt and make a syrup and drink that syrup.

  • Keep this process continue in every one to two hours, by doing this, the amount of water in the body is maintained.

Curd - Anti-Bacterial properties are found in curd which removes the infection in our liver. It is easy to digest and eating curd with empty stomach is very beneficial for keeping healthy stomach.