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Wednesday 25 July 2018

Attack of Chronic diseases in Adolescence

Like Western countries, where non vegetarian foods are more common, in our country (India) trend of non vegetarian foods is also increasing day by day. Especially non vegetarian foods served at fast food places. 

Due to easy access to foods like Chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chicken salads, shrimps, ham, egg omelette, etc. at these restaurants, youngsters are being deprived of green vegetables, salad, milk, yogurt and fruits. They don’t like green veggies as compared to meats and eggs.

1. Insomnia is becoming the root cause of various diseases
Due to stressful lifestyle in metropolitan cities sleep related disorders are rising every other day. Moreover, education is becoming difficult task for teenagers these days. In this competitive century, where success have changed its ways, there students are more addicted to satellite TV channels instead of education. 

Young generation is becoming victim of cyber cafe and this addiction is on booming stage nowadays. Mobile tradition is giving unsupportive shadow to our youngsters. Mobiles have become an integral part of living these days. Our regulatory circle of sleeping and awaking is totally disturbed due to excessive use of these smartphones.
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2. Increasing Arthritis among youngsters 
Earlier symptoms of arthritis show in the old age only but nowadays bone related disorders are rising among youngsters. School students are suffering from joint pains, lose bone skeleton and osteoporosis complaints are also increasing these days. 

This is due to their bad habits and wrong food selections specially cold drink, in which contains pesticides and  fluoride available. It can stop natural formation of calcium in our body. Consequently, body becomes weak and unhealthy. Furthermore, lack of nutritional foods raise aging process and a person starts aging at higher rate than a normal person do. 

Healthy and nutritional food which contains high protein is essential for children, not fast food which lacks nutritional elements.

3. Victim of Computer vision syndrome and poor physique 
Today Computer vision syndrome is more common among people. Not only this but excess use of computers affects physical health too. People suffering from neck spondylitis have increased. Working most of the times on keyboards is also affecting fingers. 

Some computer employees who work in offices,  are suffering from eyes and backbone pains due to lack of comfort. However, closed room can also affect our health due to lack of fresh air and improper ventilation. People also do work under improper tube light during day time which is affecting their eyesight.

4. Do not ignore small things
In our life, small things play very crucial role, but we ignore minor mistakes and repeat them again. Consequently, these small things prove to be very expensive. Increase Fine life effectiveness ( wishes) in student life in the place of discipline and organization have become a debatable issue. 

The change in dressing has left no stone unturned to take youngsters on the wrong path. Late night walks on roads and staying away from home till midnight have became trend in adolescent. Smoking and liquor addiction is rising in juvenile. This is the reason, why the young generation do not think before eating or drinking unhealthy foods.

The rise of the chronic illnesses among youngsters is the fury of negative attraction or consequences of our negligence. It can be a matter of controversy. More awareness is required in time bound and do change your eating habits. Eat healthy and stay healthy.