Increasing Fast Food consumption and Awareness

Today's race-run life and modernity of content type have made fast food gradually a part of eating food across worldwide. It is more famous in vast and metropolis cities, because urban people’s lives are more hectic and due to lack of cooking time depend upon these fast foods.

There are several other reasons like sometimes people eat this food due to compulsion when they don’t have any choice to eat homemade foods. Earlier it was most common in big and metropolis cities, but slowly it has been rising its feet in small towns and countryside.
fast food awareness
  • According to food experts, Burger and Pizza contain large amount of beef, fat and cheese, which is harmful for a person. It can increases the risk affects for heart arteries. 

According to this, two slice of a Pizza contain 800 calories, fat and sodium. A full size Burger contains 1600 calories, however a normal person needs half amount of these calories. Foods with more calories increase the amount of fat in our body and we become easy victim of obesity. 

Children and youngsters are more fond of these fast foods. These decrease the body efficiency of a normal person. Person can become victim of lethargy or laziness. According to Dieticians, by eating lower calories food, a person can live long. People should be aware about this truth. 

Recent survey in India shows this problem has covered large cities in more quantities. In Metropolis cities, every 3 children out of 5 are victims of over abundance of fast food. This issue has become debatable in India same as in foreign countries, because it can be serious health issue for our next generation teenagers. 
fast food awareness

We have been ignoring our own traditional food and adopting western eating habits, which can be harmful for our health. We have left butter milk, fruits, butter, jaggery and started consuming more fast food which is harmful.

Western countries are spreading awareness regarding risks of fats food consumption among their people. Therefore, it should be our aim to make people aware about harmful affects of fast food in our nation to so that people can save their children. With awareness, people will get motivated for their traditional food.

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  1. Thanks ,, Useful piece of information . Fast food is not hygenic. We should eat natural food directly consumed from plant