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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Healthy and Nutritional Drinks - Substitute for Energy Drinks

These days energy drinks have been become a common part of our daily diet. Higher intake of energy drinks can increase the risks of many serious health problems including mental health problems, blood pressure, obesity and kidney damage. Often energy drinks are being taken with alcohol. Most of the energy drinks contain water, sugar, caffeine, some vitamins, minerals and non-poisonous substances such as guano tonic and creams.

Soft drink intake is 43 percent more likely to develop heart related problems and artery diseases. Sugared drink is a such beverage that does not contain strained elements. Drinking it once enters our body, which gradually makes people addicted to it. As an alternative to energy drinks, you have the following food items, which naturally help in maintaining energy throughout the day. In addition, they are very good diet for healthy body.

Healthy and nutritional drinks

Milk is said to be the best source to replace all the medicines. It has been described as an anti allergic medicine that is capable of removing progressive diseases. It acts as age-enhancing, long-lasting, eye-lightening, mediator. It also strengthens the muscles and is considered as goddess which gives energy to the heart.

Water - When a person feels lack of energy, it simply means the amount of water in his body is reduced. You should drink plenty of water to get rid of fatigue, maintain moisture inside the body and skin. To keep body hydrated you must drink about 10-12 glasses of water daily. This keeps the balance of water and essential minerals in the body.

Lemon water - In summers, if there is outbreak of heat, then cold citrus/lemon water will give great relief to our body. It also relieves anxiety and fatigue. For children, it is more beneficial because they keep playing in sunlight. In this case, they need extra energy and cooler drinks to beat the heat.

Coconut water- coconut water contains!large amount of electrolyte and potassium, which maintains blood pressure level and gives strength to our heart. Coconut water is a rich source of elements, which give energy and active ness to our body. Due to sweating in summers our body starts losing its electrolytes and you feel headache, dehydration and dizziness. This is the best time to take coconut water which works as a nectar for our body. Moreover, it is very beneficial for stomach disease and for pregnant women.

Buttermilk- In summers, people like both salty and sweet buttermilk. It increases digestion strength and gives relief in summer season. People drink buttermilk with breakfast during summer. You can also add crushed almonds and raw raisins to change its flavor. At Indian Restaurant, buttermilk is easily available, which contains nutrients and is great in taste.

Sugarcane Juice - This drink is very famous in Ayurveda, which prevents you from Blood deficiency. You can call it a natural blood bank source. It contains vitamin A, B and C, and also improves digestive system. It gives energy to our body and prevents from heart burn. This nutritional and delicious drink is very crucial to get rid of fatigue.

Green Tea - Everyone is aware of the benefits of green tea now a days. According to research of Tokyo International University, green tea keeps you active and healthy in old age. Researchers believe regular intake of green tea and coffee with food is very beneficial for healthy heart.

Raw Raisins - At last, we will discuss about seasonal fruits, nuts and vegetables, which are very much helpful in your body fitness. Raw raisins and almonds should be added in your daily diet. If you eat raisins daily then you would  rarely depend on medicines. 

Raisins contain protein, vitamin B, calcium and iron in large amounts. Where almonds protein give strength to our body, these are also helpful in the repair of brain cells. Therefore, eating almonds, pistachios, Raisins, figs and walnuts is very beneficial for our health.

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