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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How Cancer formed ?

The human body has been created by nature with five elements. There are water, earth, air, space, fire. Respectively, the first two elements are seen as water and the earth. The remaining elements are invisible. During hunger time, the earth comes as food and during thirst, we drink water as comes water element.

The five elements always keep on doing their work. Whatever our body works for. Having these properly formed is the level of physical fitness. Which is called PH as Power of Hydrogen in the scientific language. It has a total of 14 levels. It shows the level of the earth and water inside the body. 7 levels being neutral and its color is greenish. Level 1 to 7 red, yellow and 6 to 7 green is known as this level. Levels ranging from 7 to 14 are dark green and blue is alkaline. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline, anything below 7.0 is considered acidic

The body's PH practice is a cancer, If alkaline is more in body, then it can prevents you from cancer or other diseases. Physical PH level should be 7.365. To maintain PH level you can drink water which PH is 9.5 approximately. Health benefits of Turmeric

  • “No disease including Cancer can exist in an alkaline environment.”

71 % water and 29 % earth That is, the symbols of eating and drinking. Only about 2.5 parts of the world's water is potable. The other water has become a liar, infection, and bacterial due to human error. Due to the consumption of chemicals in food and eating preserve food have became a cause of cancer and cancer-related illness in all over the world.

  • The diagnosis and treatment of cancer was done by the Dr. Otto Warburg, German Scientist, in 1923. Because of which, in 1931, the Dr. Otto was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology. They told in his research, “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. “

Ingredients for Cancer Treatment 

Goat milk  - 200 ml 
Cinnamon powder  - 2 grams 
Grind Poppy seed   -   10 grams
Raw turmeric  - 2 pieces ( sticks). 
Cardamom  - 2 pieces
Cow Ghee  - 1 spoon. 
Jaggery powder as per taste

Crush the two pieces( sticks) of the turmeric well and put it in 200 ml water and boil, till 100 ml of water left .
remaining  100 ml water, again boil with milk. Boil them by putting the remaining ingredients. Stop the fire, drink whichever remains. 

Benefits: Curcumin content is needed to repair the beneficial cancer. Turmeric contains Curcumin in high amount. Using this symmetry, cure the types of cancer or infection occurring in any part of the body.

Cancer treatment by Carrots
Carrot is very useful for cancer patients. Because, due to the amount of acid in the body increases and amount of oxygen decrease, then cancer formed in the body. The intestinal material (free radical material) is freeze in the body cells, so that the cells get sick and transformed in cancer cells. Antioxidants are needed to clean and cure cancer cells. In the carrot, the name of beta-carotene is found in good amount, which is a strong antioxidant. By consuming at least 2.5 kilograms juice of carrots in a day, there are physical cell detoxes. With the increase in the amount of hydrogen, the level of the PH starts rising to 7.365. Internal body becomes strong. The cancer cells are cleaned. The body becomes disease free.

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