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Friday, 16 March 2018

Apples - Nutritional Fruit

Fruits are very essential for your body. But some fruits work as a doctor. You have listened a term like "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". This means we can always keep distance from the doctor by eating a apple everyday. 

Apple is considered a miraculous fruit. Apple are cultivated worldwide and it is stored in very large amounts. Apple has many nutritious ingredients that are needed for our body. Apple contains Antioxidants,Flavonoids and dietary fiber. By eating it, the body has the ability to fight many diseases, and it also gives strength to the body.Read more about vitamin D deficiency

If you are thin, then Apple food is also beneficial for you. You will get strength by eating it and you will not feel weak.

List of element in apple (Size of apple approximately 150 gm).

Apple Nutrition
  1. Vitamin E 0.18 mg 
  2. 4 grams fibre
  3. 19 grams sugar
  4. 95 Calories
  5. Vitamin K 2.2 mg
  6. Vitamin C 4.6 mg 
  7. Vitamin A 3 mg
  8. Potassium 107 mg 
  9. Water 85.56 gm
  10. Calcium 6 mg 
  11. Energy 52 calories
  12. Magnesium 5 mg
  13. Fat (0.17 g)
  14. Phosphorus 11 mg 
  15. Carbohydrate 13.81 g
  16. Iron 0.12 mg 
  17. Manganese 0.035 mg
  18. Protein 0.26 g 
  19. vitamin B6 0.041 mg
  20. Sodium 1 mg 
  21. Vitamin B1 0.017 mg
  • By eating apple as a food, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and brain diseases are all removed. It is a fibrous fruit, because of the amount of fiber in it is high. Apple's improve your digestive system and also works smoothly. Eating apple on a daily basis is also help to make strong lever. 
  • There are countless benefits to eating it. Apple is helpful in both inner beauty and external beauty. It is said that you can eat less than 3 fruits daily and in the morning you can eat apple. By eating it in the morning and drinking milk, the digestive tract is correct and the color of the face also changes.
“So let us know the health benefits of Apple”

Eat Apple including peel, because apple peel contains Phenolic compound. Which helps to clean the blood and remove dirt in the arteries.Frozen dirt in arteries become a cause of heart attack.

Apple contains rich amount of fiber, which prevents you from getting constipation or diarrhea which occurs in small children.

Remove Anemia Disease - Anemia causes a lack of blood in the body. Hemoglobin also decreases in Anemia. Apple contains iron which helps in hemoglobin. If you can not eat every day, eat it daily for a few days, your body can recover the problem of short of iron and anemia.

Reduce Cholestrol - Apple helps in reducing cholesterol in the body. Fiber reduces bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in your body.

Reduce Risk of Developing Cancer - The apple prevents breast cancer from occurring. It gives ability to muscle cells to fight against cancer in the human body.

White and Healthy teeth - Apple can not replace your brush but by chewing it , your teeth get whiteness. Doing this does not cause bacteria in the mouth and there is no associated disease.

Diabetes control - If you have Apple accounts every day, then you have 28% less chances of having diabetes. In this
, the numerical element suffers from the lack of glucose in the body ,so that you will not need to take insulin.

Maintain weight - Obesity is the cause of many diseases and it is a major headache for us to reduce it. Apples contain high amount of fiber, which does not increase the 
weight. If you are on dieting to lose weight, then eating apple is very beneficial for you. 

Since there is zero calorie in the apple, and many nutritious elements. It means that by eating it, you will find two targets with an arrow, you will eat it and calm your appetite and will 
not even be fat, and many nutritious elements will meet your body.

Avoid Alzheimer - Alzheimer's is a cerebral-related disease. One research has found that Alzheimer's disease can always be avoided by drinking juice of Apple daily. Apple protects the brain cells, which reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer's.

Maintain digestive system - Apple for digestion is very good. If our digestive system does not work properly, then the whole body feels ill. By digestion, other parts of the body work well. Digestion will be improve by eating apple. Eat the apple with peel and it will be more beneficial.

Boost immune system- The immune system works well with eating apple. No disease quickly affects our body.

Strengthen the stomach - We ate many poisonous substances that do not affect the body immediately, but it has a bad effect on our body. Stomach becomes strong by eating daily Apple.

Protecting from stones - The stones in the kidney can be remove by eating fruit. By eating daily apple fruit, there is no stone in the body!

Strengthen the bones - Apples contain calcium, which strengthen the bones.

Increase the beauty of the face - By eating the apple, the dark spots of the face are removed, the glow comes on the face and you feel healthy. In a few days, redness will appear on your face as your body will have the right amount of blood.

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