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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Stress - Symptoms, Treatment

Stress is becoming a vast problem today for everyone. Because our routine have became hectic and people spend more time in offices and on work place. They don’t give time to other activities such as indoor and outdoor games, picnic and get together with their family members and relatives. 

Therefore it is not easy to remove their stress. Everyone knows stress decrease after sharing their problems with others. If you will not share their problems with colleagues and friends, then one day stress will become Depression. You can become victim of Anxiety attack.

How to overcome stress ?
Mostly people want to overcome their stress, but they don’t successful in it. Stress change your lifestyle and you like to live alone. So, if people spend time with their children and family members then stress can overcome easily. They can do outdoor activities like outing and watch comedy shows. Games like badminton, football are helpful to divert your mind fully. You can do yoga as well as other meditations. 

Signs of Depression
There are some depression symptoms which helps before depression. Victim person become more aggressive, emotional and not eat well. Stress rise when people thinks a lot and stay alone. It increase when people use too much social networking sites. Some people become victim of stress due to loss in several fields like weak in study, not getting job, family frictions and during hectic hours. learn more about vitamin D

What they can do in this situation ?
People can do walk in group and can join laughter clubs where they can remove their stress and make new colleagues. One best thing is people can do gardening , because gardening helps too much to reduce your stress. You focus on flowers and think positive words about their lawns.
Be Optimistic 
People keep negative thoughts in their mind and it becomes a reason of depression. There are lot of social sites pages which provides positive stuff and good ideas. You can follow them. And never use sleeping pills, these are harmful for our body. Pills are not a genuine cure for depression. You can be addicted one day.

Ayurvedic Treatment For depression
People can use Ashawgandha herb in their diet. It provides relief from stress and improve your thinking ability. 

Moreover, include fruits and green veggies in their breakfast and dinner.

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