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Friday, 10 August 2018

Fitness is one of the many self-care rituals that people take part in, but some mistake fitness as the be-all and end-all of self-care. While exercise certainly benefits your mind, body and spirit, it isn’t and shouldn’t be the only form of self-care you incorporate into your daily life. If you aren’t sure how to find the proper balance, these tips should help:

Fitness is Fundamental
So we already discussed that exercise shouldn’t be your only form of self-care, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing it. Exercise is a treatment plan you can use no matter what life circumstances you are facing. Those in addiction recovery often find that regular exercise occupies the mind, blocking negative thoughts and promoting positive thinking. 

The effects of exercise are so powerful that it can stimulate nerve connections that have been damaged as a result of substance abuse. Regardless of whether you are in recovery, having mental health issues, or simply aren’t happy with where you are in your health goals, regular exercise keeps you moving forward by offering stress relief and improved heart, lung and immune system health.

Adjust Your Exercise Routine
When it comes to exercise, it is a myth to think that lifting weights or running miles on the treadmill are your only options. There are several low-intensity options that allow your brain and mind a chance to rest and recover such as barre or yoga. Many gyms are now offering and promoting restorative care pre- and post-workout through services such as spa treatments, saunas, massage chairs, yoga, and meditation.

fitness and self care
Photo Credit: Pixabay 

You don’t have to depend on the gym to get your daily dose of self-care. Choose a quiet spot in your home to set up a meditation room or corner where you can not only meditate, but also do yoga, read, journal, or simply enjoy a few minutes of quiet. Do some light stretching before and after your workout, or end a particularly difficult workout with a slow, paced walk. Exercise is meant to get your heart rate up, but you also need to bring it back down with a cool-down.

Refuel Properly
All that logged time exercising is great, but just like your body needs rest, it also needs the proper fuel to keep you going at 100 percent. Think of your body like a car engine. If you fill it with sugary snacks and fatty foods, all that sludge makes you tired and unable to perform at peak performance. You need carbs, but of the healthy variety such as whole grains, fruits and veggies. To really jumpstart your day and be able to power through your workout (and day in general), make sure you are getting enough protein. Rather than a bowl of sugary cereal, opt for protein-rich eggs, almonds, or yogurt. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when you are fueling your body with the right nutrition. Plus, when you aren’t tired and sluggish, you’ll feel less inclined to supplement with caffeine, which can leave you feeling anxious and jittery.

Check-In Weekly
When was the last time you checked in with yourself to see how you are doing? Personal trainer Alicia Agostinelli suggests that at the beginning of each week you ask yourself one important question: “What am I doing to take care of my mind and body this week?” Perhaps there is something you can add to your routine to refresh yourself. There could even be something that isn’t working for you anymore and needs to be removed. When someone asks how you’re doing, the knee-jerk response is to say that you’re doing fine, but maybe you aren’t, and that’s OK. By checking in with yourself weekly or even daily, you can address any issues that may crop up before they start wreaking havoc.

Fitness is just one of the many pieces of your self-care routine. In addition to exercise, be sure you are participating in restorative activities such as yoga or meditation, and refueling your body with the right nutrition. Check in with yourself each week and adjust your self-care routine as needed to be the best you that you can be!

Guest Blog Post by:
Brad Krause graduated from college in 2010 and went straight to the corporate world at the headquarters of a popular retail company. But what started as a dream job soured quickly. After four years of working 15-hour days and neglecting his health, he decided enough was enough. Through aiding a friend during a tough time, Brad discovered his real calling-helping people implement self-care practices that improve their overall wellbeing. He created to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he finds on his self-care journey.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Almond is the king of all nuts. Almonds were a common part of diets of the ancient Indians and Egyptians. Some folks eat raw almonds while others like to eat soaked almonds. After soaking a minimum of 9-10 hours, they peel off of its brown skin. You can eat 4-5 almonds daily but don’t eat them after the meal. You can eat almonds in rice pudding and with saffron milk. Read more : Nutritional food strengthens inner body.

It is assumed that daily intake of almonds makes the brain sharp and also the cholesterol is lowered. Almond contains vitamins, minerals, amino acid, proteins and fiber. Almonds conjointly contain metal, copper, nutriment B-2, phosphorus, and metal additionally to fat-soluble vitamins. If regularly 7-8 almonds are eaten then the daily macromolecule intake within the body is completed.

Blood Pressure Stabilized 
It contains metallic element that maintains the working of heart and balance the pressure level forestalling high pressure level and induration of the arteries ( Artery Disease).
Almonds Benefits

Skin Care Benefits
Richness of vitamin E in almonds is incredibly useful for our skin to protect skin from harmful sun exposure. It prevents blackheads and other skin condition.
  • Almonds increase macromolecule( Lipid) levels within the blood.
  • The fats in the almonds are good for healthy heart. They prevent the risks of heart diseases.
  • Almond helps in bar of constipation, headache and stress.
  • Almond oil contains vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for hair growth.
  • Phytic acid found in almonds acts as an antioxidant and prevents the cells from any damages. 
  • Our bones become sturdy, thanks to the presence of viosterol in almonds.
Almond contains an upscale quantity of fat-soluble vitamin, that helps in reducing cholesterin and protects our arteries from harmful affects.

Vitamin E in the almond, protects against the inhibitor that closes the arteries. Almonds are rich in mono-unsaturated fats and facilitate to lower down dangerous steroid alcohol additionally scale back risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases.

Cancer Predator
Regular consumption of almonds conjointly prevents giant enteral cancer. It’s believed to be the cancer specialist.
It contains fiber and facilitates to detoxify our body and swish the system. It additionally forestall and lower down the dangers of carcinoma.

Reduce Birth Defects
High vitamin B helps to market healthy cell and tissue growth of foetus to cut down birth defects.

Prevent polygenic disease and vas Diseases
It regulates the aldohexose absorption and scales back glucose spike.

It contains macromolecule and fiber that scales back hunger and you’ll be able to feel full for a long time by scale back feeding less calories for weight loss. Furthermore, It is rich in zinc and protects brain cells from atom harm. The convenience of Vitamin-B6 assists the metabolism of proteins to repair neuron.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Like Western countries, where non vegetarian foods are more common, in our country (India) trend of non vegetarian foods is also increasing day by day. Especially non vegetarian foods served at fast food places. 

Due to easy access to foods like Chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chicken salads, shrimps, ham, egg omelette, etc. at these restaurants, youngsters are being deprived of green vegetables, salad, milk, yogurt and fruits. They don’t like green veggies as compared to meats and eggs.

1. Insomnia is becoming the root cause of various diseases
Due to stressful lifestyle in metropolitan cities sleep related disorders are rising every other day. Moreover, education is becoming difficult task for teenagers these days. In this competitive century, where success have changed its ways, there students are more addicted to satellite TV channels instead of education. 

Young generation is becoming victim of cyber cafe and this addiction is on booming stage nowadays. Mobile tradition is giving unsupportive shadow to our youngsters. Mobiles have become an integral part of living these days. Our regulatory circle of sleeping and awaking is totally disturbed due to excessive use of these smartphones.
youngsters health

2. Increasing Arthritis among youngsters 
Earlier symptoms of arthritis show in the old age only but nowadays bone related disorders are rising among youngsters. School students are suffering from joint pains, lose bone skeleton and osteoporosis complaints are also increasing these days. 

This is due to their bad habits and wrong food selections specially cold drink, in which contains pesticides and  fluoride available. It can stop natural formation of calcium in our body. Consequently, body becomes weak and unhealthy. Furthermore, lack of nutritional foods raise aging process and a person starts aging at higher rate than a normal person do. 

Healthy and nutritional food which contains high protein is essential for children, not fast food which lacks nutritional elements.

3. Victim of Computer vision syndrome and poor physique 
Today Computer vision syndrome is more common among people. Not only this but excess use of computers affects physical health too. People suffering from neck spondylitis have increased. Working most of the times on keyboards is also affecting fingers. 

Some computer employees who work in offices,  are suffering from eyes and backbone pains due to lack of comfort. However, closed room can also affect our health due to lack of fresh air and improper ventilation. People also do work under improper tube light during day time which is affecting their eyesight.

4. Do not ignore small things
In our life, small things play very crucial role, but we ignore minor mistakes and repeat them again. Consequently, these small things prove to be very expensive. Increase Fine life effectiveness ( wishes) in student life in the place of discipline and organization have become a debatable issue. 

The change in dressing has left no stone unturned to take youngsters on the wrong path. Late night walks on roads and staying away from home till midnight have became trend in adolescent. Smoking and liquor addiction is rising in juvenile. This is the reason, why the young generation do not think before eating or drinking unhealthy foods.

The rise of the chronic illnesses among youngsters is the fury of negative attraction or consequences of our negligence. It can be a matter of controversy. More awareness is required in time bound and do change your eating habits. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Today's race-run life and modernity of content type have made fast food gradually a part of eating food across worldwide. It is more famous in vast and metropolis cities, because urban people’s lives are more hectic and due to lack of cooking time depend upon these fast foods.

There are several other reasons like sometimes people eat this food due to compulsion when they don’t have any choice to eat homemade foods. Earlier it was most common in big and metropolis cities, but slowly it has been rising its feet in small towns and countryside.
fast food awareness
  • According to food experts, Burger and Pizza contain large amount of beef, fat and cheese, which is harmful for a person. It can increases the risk affects for heart arteries. 

According to this, two slice of a Pizza contain 800 calories, fat and sodium. A full size Burger contains 1600 calories, however a normal person needs half amount of these calories. Foods with more calories increase the amount of fat in our body and we become easy victim of obesity. 

Children and youngsters are more fond of these fast foods. These decrease the body efficiency of a normal person. Person can become victim of lethargy or laziness. According to Dieticians, by eating lower calories food, a person can live long. People should be aware about this truth. 

Recent survey in India shows this problem has covered large cities in more quantities. In Metropolis cities, every 3 children out of 5 are victims of over abundance of fast food. This issue has become debatable in India same as in foreign countries, because it can be serious health issue for our next generation teenagers. 
fast food awareness

We have been ignoring our own traditional food and adopting western eating habits, which can be harmful for our health. We have left butter milk, fruits, butter, jaggery and started consuming more fast food which is harmful.

Western countries are spreading awareness regarding risks of fats food consumption among their people. Therefore, it should be our aim to make people aware about harmful affects of fast food in our nation to so that people can save their children. With awareness, people will get motivated for their traditional food.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

At least once a year, visit a place you have never been before -  Dalai Lama

If you want to spend your vacations at adventures place with their family members. then you can know about five amazing destinations of worldwide.
Family vacation ideas

Hot Air Ballon Turkey
Cappadocia is a landscape that you want to visit in lifetime.this is best place in the world to take a hot ballon ride. it provide wonderful experience to their visitors with spectacular and surreal landscape. the different colours of the diversified landscape  will leave you breathless. you can see valleys scattered with pigeon houses, over orchards and vineyards.

Family Adventure Holidays
There are differnent ballon flights, such as standard, deluxe and private can take breakfast and toast on landing according to their flight. you can book private flight for special occasion such as anniversary, birthday or wedding proposal
Family Vacation Ideas

Walking On Water in Bolivia
You listen and do swimming in water, but never walk on water, if you want walk on water, then your next adventure should definitely be in bolivia. in potosi, in the southwest of the country, there lies the salar de uyani, the largest salt flats in the world. the area is completely flat,with less than a metre of altitude variation across the whole 10,580 kilometres.
Family Vacation Ideas

Maldives Water Villas
There are approximately 5,000 water villas in the world, and around two-thirds of those are located in the islands of the maldives. this includes more than 80 different private island resorts, which range from 3 to 5 star plus.

Adventure Travels Companies
You next destination can be least expensive and enjoyable, which is Maldives Water Villa. It will usually have a glass floor section like we all dream about. you can enjoy your vacations at water villa with a jacuzzi, including all facilities such as meals. maldives water villa resorts have private pools on the terrace of each villa provide luxary experience.
family vacation ideas

Death Valley
This valley is situated in california and many stories are relate with this valley. at this place heat is very high and cause many people become victims there.the authorities provide information about danger inside the parks.

Tent Rocks of Albuquerque and Santa Fe
Nature have created billion creation on earth and every creation is different than others. as sameas  a creation in new mexico (u.s.a) near to albuquerque and santa fe is tent rocks. moreover tent rocks are national monument in us. it is a very popular hiking destination for residents of albuquerque and santa fe.

Speciality about rocks
The tent rocks are looks loke cones of soft pumice and tuff beneath harder caprocks and rocks height vary from a few feet to approximately 90 feet. Mostly people travel these rocks by foot and contains two segments which provide opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, geologic and so on. They also provide amazing view to their Visitors.

What you can learn there ?
you can observe and identify wild plants on tent rocks. it also known as kasha katuwe tent rocks. these rocks are kids friendly and provide wonderful experience about caves, wild flowers and natural tips.
people can enjoy their early moring hike and walk. bring atleast one water bottle with your journey.

Amazing Rock Formations
Tent rock is a true gem, the scenery is superb. furthermore, unusual rock formation and known as a aesthetic beauty.  there are plenty of stops for take a break. this is an amazing natural wonder with beautiful view.

you can make your visit memorable to visit there. tents rocks provide great experience to everyone.

National Park and Other places in Thailand
The third largest national park in thailand and khao yai national park is another park located in the eastern part of the country. where tourist can see black bears and elephants. tourist can see footprint of dinosaur and park offers observstion towers, hiking trails, lodges, cabins and campsites. sukhothai historical park is one another beautiful destination for tourists.

If you want to enjoy on white sand beaches, premium snorkeling and diving sites and many waterfalls, than thailand is best place. ko chang is the most notable of the bunch and is famous for its steep peaks, lush jungles and relaxed atmosphere. tourist can spend their great time on white sand.

Khajjiar ( Mini Switzerland )
khajjiar is a beautiful place with aesthetic beauty. it is located in himachal pradesh which is the state of india. moreover, khajjiar sits on a small plateau and surrounded by forests and  wild plants. it is a one of the best tourist destination for worldwide people. it looks like switzerland ,therefore it's famous name is mini switzerland of india. people can see western himalayas and other peaks from there. it is part of kalatop  khajjiar sanctuary.

khajjiar is approximately 8 km away from dalhousie and tourist can reach by bus. people can feel pleasure to see lake, forest and big playgrounds at one place.

Tourist can enjoy paragalading and their walk around the lake and thick pine forests.furthermore, children can enjoy their vacation there and can do outdoor activities there without any hestitation. you can do horse riding there and see rabbits.

Dauladhar mountains
tourist can see dense deodars, pines and other wild tree. which provide stunning beauty to khajjiar. tourist can get panoramic views of the mountains here.

khajjiar Lake
A small lake known as khajjiar lake , which provides amazing experience here. you can see weed called vacha has made its earth spongy. tourist can enjoy their walk there.

So you can visit these places on vocations

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Falling sick again and again shows how bad is our immunity. To boost our immunity nutritional food is very important. 70% of immunity maintenance is in our hand, if we eat healthy and nutritional food.

Due to weak immunity, it is difficult for our body to fight against diseases. Therefore, it is important to make immune system strong, so body protection against diseases get strong and we stay healthy.  Let’s see what we can add in our food for strong immune system 

Eat Green And Leafy Veggies
Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin A, calcium, iron, vitamin C and folic Acid, which makes our immune system strong. These can be taken in cooked form, soup, raita (yogurt ), mix with pulse or flour.

Eat Carrot, Custard Apple and Papaya
Orange, red and purple colored fruits and vegetables which are rich in Beta Carotene, that increases our efficiency for fight with infection. Carrot contains vitamin A and anti- Cancer properties, which is beneficial in the protection of eyes disorders and cancer. Similarly custard apple and papaya strengthen our immune system . 

You can take Carrot as salad, juice, soup and vegetable. Whereas, papaya can be taken as a fruit on regular basis. Custard apple can be eaten as vegetable, Raita or mixed with pulses. In addition, boiled custard apple can be mashed to mix with flour and eaten as chapati. 
Nutritional Food for inner body
Eat Curd Regularly
Curd contains protein and calcium in large quantity. Along with these curd also contains some healthy bacteria which helps in food digestion. Curd maintains our cholesterol level in our body and prevents from stomach diseases. Therefore, add curd in your diet on regular basis. Always eat fresh homemade curd made from fresh and pure milk. Eat Curd without sugar after your food. Curd can be taken as raita, can prepare butter milk.

Eat Guava, Amla, Orange, Lemon
Amla prevents you from outer infection, because it contains vitamin C in large amount. You can eat Amla every season.  Also guava, orange and lemon are rich source of Vitamin C. Guava is rich in lycopene and folate, which help to reduce cholesterol and keep our body away from heart diseases. Furthermore, Lemon tea is  very beneficial for our health. You can take lemon as lemon water, can pour lemon juice on salad. Amla can be eaten as sauce, vegetable, marmalade and in the form of pickle. Eat guava and orange more in winter season.

Drink Green Tea
Where Green tea is anti- oxidant, it also work as a anti- bacterial agent, which helps you to keep away from Diarrhea and cold. Catechins help to reduce obesity, which is found in green tea. Moreover, green tea plays very crucial role in reducing stress and to control diabetes. Don’t mix milk in green tea. Milk loses the Benefits of green tea. you can mix little honey and lemon in green tea. In a day, two cups are sufficient to drink, no more than two cups.

Full hand of almonds should be eaten daily that reduces the deficiency of vitamin E. Dip almonds in a cup of water overnight and peel off them in morning and eat for more benefits.

You can eat raw turmeric in winter season.  Eating turmeric on regular basis is beneficial for our immunity. Turmeric contains vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium and iron, which are very helpful in the working of our body. During coughing in Chest, to cure inner wounds of body, mix turmeric powder or crushed raw turmeric in milk and boil them. Drink turmeric milk for few days for a better health.

Garlic is a rich source of Amino Acid, Vitamin and enzymes. It prevents you from infection and viral infections which caused by different types of bacteria’s. Garlic contains vitamin A,B,C, calcium and magnesium. It can be used in pickle, vegetables and sauce.